Salty Unicorn made its debut in 2016 as a yoga apparel brand from the living room of founder, Brianna del Castillo. After the birth of her first child, Brianna experienced the interesting dynamic that existed among mothers. She became passionate about building a community where moms supported one another and honored each other for their different and unique approaches to the world of parenting. It was a also  a nod to the work that is takes to raise a child and an attempt to recognize that in other mothers she met. Drawing from her love of yoga, she created a unique design and slogan that spoke to unifying moms.

Brianna began using her Instagram account as the avenue to promote, brand, and sell her products to other moms. Salty’s first design, MAMASTE made its debut on a tank and after receiving support from trailblazing mom groups, orders quickly rolled in. It was during this time Brianna del Castillo began to realize there was a massive hole in the market: A yoga brand for the modern generation of yogi and active mothers.

With access to an ever-expanding network of moms thanks to Instagram, Brianna began reaching out to these women via social media to build a collaborative network with like-minded mommies. She quickly built a global community connecting women through fashion and motherhood, and also by the ethos of the brand.

Expanding Salty even more, Brianna del Castillo  introduced the TexAsana collection in 2017. This collection is tailored to yogis  who embrace and express their Texas pride on and off the yoga mat. 

Del Castillo says, “This state oozes pride in everything it does. The Texans have a style and pace all their own and I love reflecting that in these designs. To me they say, The Texan in me sees and honors the Texan in you.”

Salty Unicorn is all about community. We are spreading the message and the love one tank and t-shirt at a time.